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Teacher  Grade Level
 Sixth Grade News  
Ms. Andrews  Sixth Grade
 Mrs. Aristizabal Music
 Mrs. Atkinson Kindergarten
Mrs. Arnold Fourth/Fifth Bridge
Ms. Baker Fourth Grade
Ms. Barat Fourth Grade
Ms. Baratta Second Grade Resource
Mrs. Beck Sixth Grade
Ms. Benson  Fourth Grade Resource
Mrs. Bonanno Social Worker
Mrs. Borer First Grade
 Ms. Bonica Speech
Mrs. Brower Speech
Mrs. Bruno BSI
Mrs. Carnes Fifth Grade
Mrs. Cittadino First Grade
Mrs. Close Social Worker
Mrs. Cook Fifth Grade
Mrs. Critelli Second Grade
 Mrs. Crotty Literacy Resource Specialist
Mrs. Csipkay Art
Mrs. Cummings Sixth Grade
Mrs. DeRose Music
Mr. DiMauro Self-Contained
Ms. Manzoni Self-Contained
Mrs. Smith Kindergarten
Mrs. Eastburn Second Grade
 Mrs. Elwood Behavioral Specialist
Ms. English Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Ferraro First Grade 
Mrs. Fitzpatrick Third Grade
 Dr. Fontana PT
Mrs. Gadsby Second Grade
Mrs. Gallivan Kindergarten
Mrs. Glock  Self-Contained
Ms. Golden Self-Contained
Mrs. Gould (Ms. Russell) Second Grade
 Mr. Hart Anti-Bullying Specialist
Mrs. Heck Enrichment
Mrs. Henderson Fifth Grade Resource
 Mrs. Keane Sixth Grade Resource
 Mrs. Klements First Grade
Mrs. Koch LDTC
 Ms. Lawlor First Grade
Mr. Lawrence Physical Education/Health
Ms. Lorenzo Fourth Grade
Mrs. Maciejewski Science Lab
Mrs. May Kindergarten
Mrs. McGettigan BSI
 Ms. Mullen OT
Mrs. Mulligan Fourth Grade
Miss Munn ESL
Mrs. Naples Sixth Grade
Mrs. Panter OT
Mrs. Pascale Second Grade
Mrs. Pritsch BSI
Mrs. Roberts World Language
Mrs. Rumpf Third Grade
Mr. Sailer Sixth Grade
 Mrs. Sandor Nurse
Mrs. Savage Third Grade
Mr. Schmidt Fifth Grade
 Mrs. Serviss Psychologist
Mrs. Sias Orton-Gillingham
Ms. Simmons Third Grade
Mrs. Simoncini BSI
Mr. Sink Second Grade
Ms. Smalling Speech
Miss Soden Music/Band
Mrs. Stewart Reading Recovery
 Mrs. Trainor  Self-Contained
Mrs. Trotta Kindergarten
Ms. Williams-Moyer Physical Education/Health
Miss Williscroft Fifth Grade
 Mrs. Wright Fifth Grade