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Mrs. Guinan

Mrs. Deniese Guinan

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Welcome to the George J. Mitchell Elementary School! We are very proud of our school community of students, staff, and parents. The administration, staff, and support personnel are committed to providing a positive learning environment where every child has the opportunity for success. Our staff members are constantly seeking new ways to make school exciting and relevant for our students, and we encourage all George J. Mitchell Elementary School parents to become actively involved in our school and in the education of their children. All members of our school community work together to ensure that all our students experience success in an environment that is safe, healthy, and nurturing. 

Here are a few suggestions to aid in the success of all students: 

• Keep in touch with your child's teacher. 
• Read the George J. Mitchell monthly newsletter and other communications from the school. 
• Become active in the PTA and PTA sponsored activities. 
• Discuss assignments with your child and look over completed work. 
• Review your child’s daily planner/assignment pad to help your child organize their time. 
• Help your child be prepared and on time for school each day. 
• Encourage safe bus and school behaviors. 

We strive to make the George J. Mitchell Elementary School a friendly, caring, supportive school where children feel challenged, safe, and cared for by both the school staff and the community. If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact us.